Getting Started with Troop 5413

If you are interested in joining Troop 5413, there are a few things you can expect. Prior to submitting an application to join (new or transfer), we would like you to take part in at least two of our regular meetings. During this first two visits, you will be able to see how the Troop operates and allow for you to ask several questions. Joining a Boy Scout unit is an important decision and should be made with confidence. For example, regular meeting participation is likely the top commitment that will be made by a scout, so it is important to know when a troop regularly meets. These are the kind of questions that can be answered by visiting during our regular meetings.

Once you have made the commitment to join, the scout and his parent(s) will have a few expectations to fulfill. Many of these expectations are outlined in our Troop Bylaws and several are noted in the following list.

  1. Complete a BSA youth membership application. This form will be provided and then signed by our Committee Chair or Scoutmaster. Annual BSA membership fee is $24 (Transferring Boy Scout fees are paid by the Troop).
  2. Complete a BSA medical form.
  3. Submit initial troop dues to the Treasurer. The annual dues are $59 and will be prorated from the date you join. Troop dues cover awards, advancement, annual BSA membership (fee in item number one), etc. An additional $21 for Troop 5413 essentials, which includes unit neckerchief, slide, and unit number patch for your uniform (if your scout already owns a slide, we will remove that from the Troop essentials fee). For example, a new Scout that joins during January, would cost $70.
  4. Purchase an official BSA Boy Scout uniform (BSA shirt, pants, epaulets, council patch, world crest emblem patch, and patrol patch (hat is optional); (the troop essentials listed in item 2 will provide the unit number, neckerchief, and slide) and the official Boy Scout Handbook. Uniform parts and handbooks can be purchased as the Hibbard Memorial Scout Shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  5. Earn the BSA Cyberchip.

Specifically for the parent(s).

  1. Complete the online BSA Youth Protection Training (registration is not required to complete this training). This training will need to be revalidated every year for all parents and registered youth leaders. To complete the training, you will need to create an account on the National BSA website,
  2. Make a commitment to volunteer at one Troop event per year. For example, help in planning and supporting a Court of Honor or other Troop event. Several options will be made available to compliment your schedule.
  3. Provide an email address for a Troop 5413 website account, which allows for additional information access.

If you have any questions, please contact us.